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John in Sicilian Studio 2014



John Retouching Planet Studio in Sicilian Studio 2014




John in Brescia studio April 2010



John in his Shevington studio  1982



John Picking - July 2008                                                                             John Picking in front of one of his recent works - February 2008


John Picking with his Manager Luca Tronci (left) and Pablo Carrara General Manager of  Meetingart  (right) - July 2008


In front of Roomspaces I  with the Czech artist Josef Dobes - July 2008



John Picking in his manager's studio with architect/critic Isnardi - July 2008

John Picking with 4 works

Forest Matrixa  1995 (above left) Tower or Well 2008 (below left)

Magic Cubes 2007 (above right) Cupola Grid I 2008 (below right)



John Picking examining a silkscreen print with the printer Maurizio Rivetti, Turin - November 2008



At the parental home  Shevington 1952


Near Forth Bridge, Edinbugh 1962


In the Wigan studio 1972


Working on the Town Hall Mural,  Militello Rosmarino 1989





In the Brescian Studio  2007








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